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Arrived at long hair. Now what do I tell the barber? 0 0
Arrived at long hair. Now what do I tell the barber?
03-15-2014, 02:55 PM
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Arrived at long hair. Now what do I tell the barber?
So I think that I have arrived at the long hair goal that I have been going for since last summer. This is very exciting.

My hair in the front when parted in the middle falls right over my jaw (even though it usually stays tucked behind the ears) and the hair towards the back falls at the base of my neck and nearly on my shoulders at the sides. The thing is that I think I need to go to the barber to get it "shaped up" but I don´t know that to tell him or her to do. I´ve seen in some of the pics of long hair here straight hairs with a faded look for the ends of the hair so it doesn´t just all fall at the same place as one mass which makes it look lighter. My hair is very thick.

My hair type: I also have slightly wavy hair that has a loose S shape that carries through my whole head of hair in the same way (I think it looks pretty good). The part I don´t know about is at the bottom hair line which tends to be more curly. There are a few very tightly-curled locks on either side of the back of my neck and the hair right in front of my ears on both sides also dries with a really tightly-curled lock of hair. However, because the hair higher in my scalp is longer, it tends to fall over the tight curls in the back and also over the "ear-curls" that get tucked behind the ears usually.

The questions: Any ideas for what to tell the barber? Should the curly hair be undercut and shorter than the hair from higher on the head? Are there tips that make long hair look cleaner cut and more masculine? A few YouTube vids about masculine long hair cuts showed that cutting short the hair in front of the ears looks cleaner as does a shave of the hairline in the back. (Unfortunately, I don´t think that I can share links yet...)

Please leave comments. Thanks!
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03-15-2014, 03:35 PM
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RE: Arrived at long hair. Now what do I tell the barber?
I just upgraded your account so you can post pictures of your present hair.
I am not sure what you talking about exactly but I think the solution would be layered haircut if I understood your issue. If its a layered cut then you will need to grow your hair even longer.

You mention your hair is very curly close to the hairline and this is very normal. Also have you read Rogelio's The Curly Hair Book or The Men's Hair Book by any chance? Rogelio talks in both books about this exact issue where the hair type is different & because of the 'curl factor' the hair takes longer to grow and can look awkward as it grows.
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