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Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice? 0 0
Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
10-24-2014, 01:44 PM
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Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
It seems like getting a facial hair style is similar to the hairstyle of regular hair. Can you share some good facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
Like how to trim the style, products to have, beard car, etc...
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10-24-2014, 03:15 PM
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RE: Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
Here are some tips facial hair styles for men. You may also want to check the beard styles recommendations that is a sticky is this beard and mustache hair section.

Use The Right Tools:

In order to maintain a styled facial hair look, you need the right tools to begin with. These are some basic tools you should own.

1. Razor: 
This is useful when you need to shave quickly. It is also useful for shaving while you are away from home. Razors tend to give a closer shave than electric shavers.

2. Electric shaver: 
A bigger investment is needed for an electric shaver. However, men who are starting out with the shaving process find it easier to shave without cutting themselves with an electric shaver.

3. Mirror: 
The more mirrors, the better for shaving. If possible, it is useful to buy a two-sided hand mirror. One side of the mirror usually magnifies, while the other side reflects normally. If you use this together with your wall mirror, you'll be able to see all sides of your face and ensure an even shave. I have seen the mods in this forum recommend these same mirrors for hairstyles of the scalp hair too.

4. Pre-shaving Oils: 
Pre-shaving oils help in softening the facial hair and opening up the pores to ensure a closer shave.

5. Trimming Scissors: 
To get that perfect symmetric look, you need to use a pair of facial hair trimming scissors. A shaver alone can't always perfectly shape your facial hairstyle.

Facial Shapes for shaving:

It is important to be aware of the shape of your face. This will determine the type of facial hairstyle that would suit you. Even though there are the round, oblong, heart, square and diamond shaped face types, in general, most people look like they have a round or long-shaped face.

For example, the longer your face, the shorter your chin hair should be unless you want your face to look even longer. Another example would be that if you have a round face, you'd want to keep your sideburns around the middle of your ear or shorter.

Try the stubble style:

Since ladies seems to drool over men with the rugged-looking stubble, this is a style you may want to try. You would need to grow out all your whiskers for three to four days. An ideal time would be to start it on a Thursday so that you can look unsightly over the weekend but not at work. Keep in mind that you need to remove any hair on your lower neck. A decent looking stubble should be short and straight, but should not curl.

Style The Sideburns:

If you're in the Elvis Presley mood, then sideburns is the way to go. Firstly, try to keep your sideburns no wider than an inch. You could use a ruler or a comb as your guide to hold it against your sideburn while you trim it. Also, try to avoid having bushy sideburns. This will just make you join the 'unkempt facial hair' club.

The Goatee and The Soul Patch beard style:

A goatee is a commitment. You'd first have to grow out your full beard for few weeks and then use a trimmer head to shape your goatee around your mustache and chin area. If you manage to pull this off, it just may be well worth your effort. You could also keep shaving around the goatee as your beard grows, but often, a stubble-looking goatee isn't very sightly.

For the soul patch beard style, you'd just have to follow the same steps as growing a goatee, but you'd leave that patch of hair just below the lower lip and above the middle of your chin. The triangle soul patch is definitely the best choice of shape.
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10-24-2014, 03:41 PM
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RE: Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
The following are some more useful tips for a great beard or facial hair style. If you have a beard or any kind of facial hair style, or if you are simply interested in growing your facial hair, it is important to maintain it all properly trimmed and clean.

Combat Stubble:

While the stubble look goes in and out of style frequently, stubble can make your facial hair look bad. Depending on the style of your beard, nothing makes your facial hair look unkempt like excess stubble. If you have a long beard, stubble on the neck will make people wonder if you gave up on trimming your beard. Similarly, if you have a goatee, not shaving daily to remove the stubble on your cheeks will make your facial hair look pretty awful. Consequently, shaving each day to remove stubble is a great tip for keeping your facial hair looking good.

Regular Maintenance is the Key:

Many men grow facial hair because it is easier to maintain as you don't need to worry about shaving everyday. However, while growing a beard or mustache can reduce the amount of time you spend shaving, you should plan to spend time each day maintaining your facial hair. This can mean checking your facial hair each day and shaving to remove stubble or it might mean daily trimming. It all depends on the type of facial hair you grow. Nevertheless, some form of regular maintenance trimming is key to keeping your facial hair looking good.

Invest in the Proper Tools:

If you are going to be trimming your facial hair regularly, you will need to invest in the proper tools. For any man growing facial hair, an absolutely essential tool is an electric beard trimmer. For the most part, they all work the same, so the brand doesn't matter much. I prefer ones that take rechargeable batteries, as they use less electricity than those that sit on a charger all day. However, the most important feature is that they have a removable and adjustable clipper guard that allows you to trim your facial hair to your desired length. You can also then remove the clipper guard for shaving. You will also want a pair of barber's scissors, as they will make trimming your mustache much easier.

Shampoo your Beard:

My hunch is that most men don't shampoo their beards, which is a shame as shampooing your beard will restore its vibrancy and make your facial hair look great. For all the reasons that you shampoo your hair, you should also consider shampooing your beard. You will want to use a mild shampoo though, as the skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp. If you have a longer beard, you may also want to consider using a mild conditioner as it will make trimming easier.

Comb your Facial Hair:

Most people wouldn't think of combing their beard, but there are many benefits. A regular combing with a fine-tooth comb will remove small knots from your beard and keep your facial hair looking good, especially if you have a longer beard. In addition, combing your facial hair will make trimming easier, as it will ensure that the individual hairs are separated and that they are at their maximum length.

With the tips above, you will be well on your way towards keeping your facial hair looking good.
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10-23-2015, 07:37 AM
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RE: Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
I've been using a good boar's hair brush, oil, and balm on my beard for a while now, and I've really noticed a big difference in softness, manageability, "beardruff" elimination, and a whole host of other benefits. I received a sample at a discount, and right now I'm really digging the Rugged Monkey product I picked up on Amazon. I wish I had been using these type of products for the last few years. Especially a good oil or balm when my beard was shorter & I went though itchy periods.
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10-23-2015, 08:42 PM
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RE: Any facial hair styles tips and beard trimming advice?
Essential Oils
Oil helps to seal moisture in which is a natural humectant. You want to retain moisture to promote growth and avoid having your beard become dry and brittle/weak. You don't want to overdo it though 1-2 times a day should be good enough. Adjust accordingly for the colder seasons as it becomes harder to retain moisture.

Hope this helps!
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