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Andre Schurrle hairstyle, haircuts and hair - Guide and Pictures 0 0
Andre Schurrle hairstyle, haircuts and hair - Guide and Pictures
01-22-2015, 11:44 AM
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Andre Schurrle hairstyle, haircuts and hair - Guide and Pictures
Andre Schurrle is a German football player who is known for wearing a quiff hairdo. Andre Schurrle hairstyle is basically an undercut haircut with a fast transition, while the hair on the top is tapered back so that the hair on the front is a bit longer than the hair on the crown.

By having longer hair on the front - aka forelock - Andre Schurrle can style his hair in a quiff & have the quiff last him all thru the game. Schurrle's hair in an undercut is pretty much the same haircut trend that European football players have been adapting since 2013.

Andre Schurrle hairstyles:
While most of the time he keeps his hair in an undercut, Andre does sometimes go for a taper haircut or even a fade haircut. However he keeps the forelock longer irrespective of the haircut. The guy is obsessed with the quiff hairstyle for some reason Big Grin

For products to style your hair similar to Andre Schurrle's hairstyle, you can use either a styling wax or a pomade. Pictures:
Andre Schurrle's hair is wavy curly as you can see in the last picture where he happened to forget to use his styling wax to maintain his dapper look lol

Big picture set so be patient as it loads!

[Image: 2de05cb01cff40b6d459c5fcf4bd4882.jpg]

[Image: 2444424375453ab1f0eb512e53caafd7.jpg]

[Image: 95b9b3e77aae882d27c791962d07e600.jpg]

[Image: 690b637f97ad95970a463c1ef46f9cca.jpg]

[Image: 23756dd97d93e01c75b60fc3c779bb63.jpg]

[Image: 35a25a771f5bd6863bcd79f8839a659b.jpg]

[Image: 26724ac9ecdbdd1bd123ccc99a69b395.jpg]

[Image: c7a5106c6415af3142daee2dd861509e.jpg]

[Image: f20dea6d47272eae6c5d50cae80fc1e4.jpg]

[Image: 848a0d707ea3392af99f6f7304b6213a.jpg]

[Image: 4bb6d0f13d1dc8b9c454285cae2e5a47.jpg]

[Image: cf725f750f7fb63e90d65cd47bfdaccf.jpg]

[Image: 157bdb76d39a8a2190aa363c79c8a6e9.jpg]

[Image: article-2477204-04CFDCC000000514-434_306x423.jpg]

[Image: 00e7663d43b2f4d551768bf8c263d8de.jpg]

[Image: 1eb741f915ef9e1d0f58f2143db8bd87.jpg]

[Image: 3e254709be1f6135acb87c3ac724a96e.jpg]
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01-22-2015, 11:46 AM
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More hairstyle pictures.
A few more pictures of his styles.

[Image: 2d73d2e9df3c66f5d1d8af25556081fa.jpg]

[Image: 1ac4c7e13c62230f0d5da33ca40b03a6.jpg]

[Image: d85df2c330e4fcc5cc1fbee827285511.jpg]

[Image: U6PCAXX.jpg]

[Image: 1e15c8f9d8e98cb22881044efd955da6.jpg]

[Image: fd521120935c55bd3b3ed277f81744a1.jpg]

[Image: b09f271cd036db0de5d09c84667f8a62.jpg]

[Image: 60ae4877d46a04e9f88f051d6597b46b.jpg]

[Image: 66ab60a25ac10215a9ead018cdba883f.jpg]

[Image: 410231426645a92de581bd95eeb41fbb.jpg]
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