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American Crew Pomade or American Crew fiber? which is best for hairstyles?
04-04-2014, 02:45 PM
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American Crew Pomade or American Crew fiber? which is best for hairstyles?
Hello friends! the birthday of my cousin is soon and I want to buy hair products for him. Which is best American Crew pomade or American Crew fiber? he likes mens hairstyles for business and for professional men. He also loves America and does business with it so I think hair products with that name are perfect for him Big Grin
I do not know the difference between the fiber and the pomade of American Crew so please help me and also what other products to buy for business hair. I want to make a big purchase for more products for me but also for his birthday. I am in Spain and I purchased before from Amazon USA and transportation costs are not very expensive.
Warm regards.
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04-04-2014, 04:35 PM
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RE: American Crew Pomade or American Crew fiber? which is best for hairstyles?
Jaime, that's one interesting idea you have of giving your cousin hair products as birthday gifts. You look like you have set your eyes on those two products, so let me explain to you which one does what and which suits your cousin's preference for business-type hairstyles.

Hair fiber is used for shaping and molding hair, which is very useful for crafted hairstyles and for defying gravity. These kind of mens hairstyles are usually informal and too eye-catching, which is something that is not seen as a good thing in business and corporate environments. The American Crew fiber (click link to see the good one from this brand I am talking about) is useful for such aforementioned elaborate hairstyles, but it isn't a product that would be recommended for business and corporate hairstyles.

Hair pomade is used for holding (i.e. hair control) and for defining the hair in flat styles. Hair pomade also gives sleek and gloss to the hair, with the shine being dependent upon the characteristics of the pomade. The American Crew pomade (click link to see the specific one you need) would be the hair product to buy for professional and business hairstyles since these hairstyles are, by nature, flat and tight.

Pomade suits flat hairstyles and is what I highly recommend for men who work in corporate environment like your cousin and who want to sport formal hairstyles that are enhanced by the pomade. Between the American Crew pomade or the American Crew Fiber, the pomade from American Crew that I've linked in the previous paragraph is the winner for the kind of hairstyles required in your cousin's situation.

To help you to further understand the nature of professional hairstyles, below is the listed range of hairstyles that are acceptable in corporate environments (you can click each link to read the guide for each hairstyle):
  • Slicked back hair: this style where the hair is combed back and flattened in the same backward direction.
  • Side part: this style is where the hair is combed to the side by drawing a line in either of the temples. The hair is combed perpendicular or at an angle (see businessman cut guide below to learn about the side part too).
  • Side swept: like the side part only tat in the side swept, the hair is combed tight and flat.
  • Businessman cut: like the side part but with short hair (1 to 2 inches) on the top while the sides are done in a taper.
  • Ivy League: like the businessman cut but the hair on the top of the head is done in a backward taper by which the hair on the front of the top of the head (forelock) is slightly longer than the hair at the crown.

As you can see, the above professional/business/corporate hairstyles are discreet hairstyles, and for styling them, a pomade is king as a mens hairstyling product. So, yes, go with the American Crew pomade above (this is the link again).

One thing you can also do is get him both products since the hair fiber is certainly useful for less casual environments (e.g. when going out to a club) and he can even experiment with the fiber on the hairstyles he wears for his job. Both products are affordable, and, since you're going to be buying in one go, you might as well throw both into your basket at Amazon (or get more of the same product so it lasts him a very long time).

Lastly, the only additional product that would be good for the kind of hairstyles we're talking about would be a men's comb. Most men make the mistake of buying cheap plastic combs which is asinine if one wants to sport the best hairstyles. Simply spend a couple of bucks more and get him this handmade gentleman's comb and he will thank you in a couple of months Smile (if your cousin has curly hair, however, then get him instead this wide-tooth comb as curly hair should only be styled with a wide tooth comb or with fingers)

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-10-2014, 03:46 PM
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RE: American Crew Pomade or American Crew fiber? which is best for hairstyles?
I have tried both pomade and hair fibre and imo the pomade would be a better solution for your cousin. Not just the American Crew pomade but any pomade works better for those hairstyles like the ones TMHF posted in his list on his reply to you. Hair fibre would be for modern hairstyles like a brush up or a quiff which is not very business like I am afraid.
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04-13-2014, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2014 01:46 PM by Machado.)
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RE: American Crew Pomade or American Crew fiber? which is best for hairstyles?
For me personally Jamie the pomade is the best of the two for classic hairstyles and the side swept.
I am using a different pomade but i have used both of them form American Crew and i can tell you the pomade is better for what you are wanting.
You do not have to use much btw a couple of dabs with two fingers is enough for short-ish hair and for medium hair four is enough too.
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