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Advice on ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers for men 0 0
Advice on ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers for men
09-12-2014, 01:40 PM
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Advice on ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers for men
Hey guys as more of you are jumping into hair styling tools like hair straighteners and curling irons, here is some advice on ceramic hair styling tools. Ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers are the best for medium to high end hair styling tools and some examples of ceramic use for these tools is in my list of top hair straighteners and this review of the Revlon 1875 hair dryer. Ceramic is always used as a base material to enhance the styling results and durability of the product.

Hair dryers aka blow dryers, hair straighteners aka flat irons and curling irons aka heating curlers can all help you achieve a great hair style, but that great style often comes with a price: hair that's dry and damaged from heat styling. Ceramic hair styling tools are sometimes touted as an answer to your hair styling problems, promising faster, easier styling with less damage. The facts, however, don't necessarily bear out this claim.

Better Materials, Better Products

Replacing the metal plates, rods and bodies of flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers with ceramic may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to hair styling. Ceramic heats more evenly, and is often more expensive than metal, so ceramic styling tools must be better, right? Well, yes and no. A high-quality straightener with metal plates, for instance, is likely to be no more damaging to hair than a low- to mid-quality ceramic straightener.

Heat is Heat 
Hair is damaged by heat, regardless of whether the heat comes from metal or ceramic. Your hair does not know the difference. That being said, most experts do contend that the difference between metal and ceramic styling tools is not the material, it's the price; the cheaper metal straightening iron is not intrinsically more damaging to your hair than the expensive ceramic iron, but the better-quality ceramic plates are less likely to crack or break, posing a threat of snagging and damaging your hair. The only metal that is an exception is titanium which is even better than ceramic but also way more costly.

Faster Styling? Not So Fast

While heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers may not necessarily benefit from ceramic construction, there may be a slight advantage to using a ceramic hair dryer. Ceramic hair dryers are often marketed as drying hair faster, and with less damage, than traditional dryers with metal elements, but whether this is true is debatable. Although dryers that use ceramic elements heat up more quickly and heat more evenly, whether that translates to less time spent drying your hair is hard to say. One thing is certain: ceramic dryers are no less likely to damage your hair than any other blow dryer. After all, hot air is hot air, whether it's produced by a ceramic element or a metal element.

New innovations in hair styling tools always make great promises, claiming to help you style your hair better, faster, and/or without damage, and ceramic hair tools are no different. However, the evidence that ceramic hair styling tools are any safer or faster than other tools is thin, at best. Buy the best quality styling tool for your money, but don't buy the inflated claims. The best way to protect your hair from damage is to use heat styling tools sparingly - no matter what they're made of!

The point of all this is to let you know that ceramic hair dryers and ceramic hair straighteners will last longer and do have better heat regulation but they will not necessarily damage your hair less than other materials that the hair styling tools are made out of.

What are you thoughts on the above? Any in house experts want to chime in? I have read some replies from the experts here with regards to hair styling tools and there is some impressive knowledge in this forum. Would be great to hear about y'all Smile
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09-13-2014, 01:33 PM
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Agree with flat iron advice.
I think that's some good advice on hair straighteners. However I am more positive on ceramic made straighteners than what you have posted. Final texture results with a ceramic hair straightener compared to a regular metal hair straightener is like night & day. You get way better heat distribution & regulation & concentration. IMO ceramic just gives a faster & more aesthetic finishing result with lots of gloss if you also use a heat tamer before straightening.

Titanium is a good material tho. You also posted in that other thread about ionic hair straighteners which also improve the final results of the hair straightener. Just adding this to your post since anyone can buy a really cheap hair straighteners, but it will break fast & it will burn your hair as the heat is up and down - not to mention how long they take to heat up. Usually with styling tools like straighteners & dryers, you really want to spend a little more so you get a better product. We have a huge discussion of hair straighteners in the link below. I'll post it as an extra resource to read for anyone interested in buying a hair straightener.
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09-15-2014, 05:28 PM
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RE: Advice on ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers for men
My fiancee swears by ceramic. She takes great care of her hair, and once she tried a ceramic one she never looked back. It leaves her hair way shinier and smoother than metal ones.
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11-25-2014, 07:34 AM
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RE: Advice on ceramic hair straighteners and ceramic hair dryers for men
Hey Guys I search through patents as a freelancer and so when I wanted to purchase a new styling iron I did desk research and this led me to use the following:-

Check List
• That the plates are 100% tourmaline ceramic plates.
• If the plates are colored e.g. red, blue, gold, it has been treated, these may look nice but they are for show and they are not good for your hair, so stay away from them.
• Look for a plate that is ceramic or metal in looks.
• Ceramic Plates are usually white or yellowish in color. These plates are good but they are older technology from around 2002. Many companies still use these as it is cheaper to manufacture than a tourmaline ceramic plate. Be careful some use an aluminum plate with ceramic coating, if you buy ceramic make sure it is 100% pure ceramic.
• Titanium Plates – Usually Gun Metal Grey color these are great plates and provide great results. Similar in quality to Tourmaline Ceramic but work differently with different hair types. Ask your hairdresser to type your hair before choosing.
• Tourmaline Ceramic – Gun Metal Grey in color – These are currently the best plates on the market.

Other features to look for:
• Variable Temperature Control (If you have thick hair make sure it heats up to at least 420ºF)
• Swivel Cord
• At least a 3 year warranty (most hair straighteners will die in the first year or two)
• If you travel then make sure it is dual voltage
• Floating plates, you can check this by asking the supplier or if you have access to the styling iron by pressing on either side of the plate and it should move. All salon professional irons will have this.
• Auto shut off, the last thing you want is to start a fire or cause damage to your home or salon because you left the iron on, make sure it has a safety auto shut off feature.
• Make sure it has a 3 meter or 10 foot cord, anything shorter will be hard to work with.

I chose a Spiderman G3 Salon Pro hair styling iron Why? Because it ticked all the right boxes.
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