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[Advice needed] Long Nose Challenge - From Long Hair to Short [Need advice please]
07-09-2015, 01:30 AM
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Sad [Advice needed] Long Nose Challenge - From Long Hair to Short [Need advice please]
Hey guys,
Today I am looking for a new hairstyle of some sort. Preferably (obviously) one that will look "good" with a long nose and a somewhat high hairline. My current hairstyle ive had for probably 6 - 7 years now, before that I had short hair (nose wasn't nearly as long as it is now). The hairstyle I have now I do like, one time I even got the hair around my ears cut so they would be exposed, I think I kinda liked that (I got compliments). The hairstyle I have now kind of makes the back of my head look further extended, but its only because my hair has a lot of volume back there. Almost like wearing a helmet. However, I think its time to go into a shorter hairstyle. Ill probably end up getting a nice pair of glasses anyway since I need them.
  • I'm here today to ask for your opinion on whatever type of hairstyle you think would go best with me: Short or long. What ever you reply with, a picture would be nice too please.
  • After that I would like your opinion on my personal preference hairstyles, there's only two of them but they are both short hairstyles. I'm really thinking of going with the first personal preference photo, but once again I like to know what others think.

[* I tried adding photos so I can get the best results from you guys, but alas I cannot because I have no reached 50 posts. Is there anyway I could get the images to you guys? Thanks! *]

Im just looking for hairstyle suggestions, long or short. Im hear to try something new finally...

Thanks for your time!
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07-16-2015, 08:41 AM
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Long Nose Challenge - From Long Hair to Short [Need advice please]
Hi mate I have sent a message to one of the mods so that they allow you to post pics. That is the best thing that you can do to get the best hairstyle advice. I will try to give you some advice based on your first post.

If you have a high hairline then there are ways to shorten the hairline. Getting a fringe on the forelock is an easy way to shorten the forehead and it's used a lot by ladies with haircuts like the bobcut or pixie haircuts. While you can get a bobcut as a guy I would suggest instead to get a caesar haircut. See this caesar haircut guide for reference on how to get a caesar cut hairstyle but it's basically a short fringe with all of the hair on the top combed and styled forward. You can also have the sides of the head styled forward depending on how much length you leave there. You will read in the guide that there are two types of caesar cut hairstyles so it's all there in that guide.

A good example of the caesar haircut is George Clooney in that ER show. The haircut is named after Julius Caesar who made this haircut popular a good number of years back. By far it's the best short haircut for men with high foreheads.

If you want longer hair you can still use a fringe to shorten your forehead. You can also use a combover or side part to leave a short side fringe. One more hairstyle that you can get with longer hair is a messy hairstyle with bangs on your forehead. For all these hairstyles you will want about three to six inches of hair length. In centimetres that's about eight to fifteen centimetres of hair length.

Some essential reading to do for this hairstyles:
  • Side part hairstyle guide - The classic look with a side part. You can leave a bit of a side fringe with you side part hairstyle. It will shorten your forehead.
  • Messy hairstyles guide - Lots of messy hairstyles ideas and pictures.
  • Hair types guide - This is the perfect guide to know your hair type.
  • Medium length hairstyles guide - this guide is for wavy to coiled hair so if you have straight hair, you can still use the same concept. Just use some styling mousse if you want to achieve the extra volume that curly hair has naturally.
  • Hair length guide - This is a hair length guide for men and has the four categories of men's hair. Usually these hair lengths in combination with your hair type is what we use to suggest hairstyles and haircuts. They are the most important factors when selecting a haircut.
If you want to get a good styling mousse then see this thread with a list of recommended hair products for men.

From my experience once you take care of shortening the high forehead then the issue of a long nose corrects itself with the hairstyle.

Another thing that I have noticed is that a receding chin is to be blamed for a lot of cases of lads thinking that they have big noses. A receding chin is when your chin sits behind your lower teeth when you see your face from the profile. A receding or weak chin will make you look like you have a long nose but if you fix the receding chin (with an implant) the facial aesthetics return. Just saying this since you mention a high forehead which can be caused by a slanted forehead and a slanted forehead sometimes goes with a slanted chin for what they cool a pigeon face. The forehead and the chin are receded so that the nose sticks out.

There is a recent thread also of another lad with a high forehead and all the advice that he was recommended. You can read it here and it's quite a good read. A high forehead is very common but it's also easy to fix with a good haircut and hairstyle.

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