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Advice for new hairstyle with large forehead
06-27-2015, 12:45 PM
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Advice for new hairstyle with large forehead
I've had the same hairstyle for like the last 4 years and I want to change it up but I don't know what would look good on me considering I have a giant forehead and a flat face. My favorite hairstyle is an undercut but I seriously doubt it would look even halfway decent on me. Any advice you guys can give would help a ton.
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06-30-2015, 03:52 PM
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An Undercut haircut with slicked back hair is a great hairstyle for a large forehead!
Having a large forehead has nothing to do with how a hairstyle will suit you. Now, if what you're trying to do is to visually shorten your forehead (because you think it's too large), then there are certain hairstyles that can do that, but, just because you have a large forehead, that doesn't mean that any hairstyle will look bad on you.

The only requirement for the Undercut to look great (not just OK or good) is that your upper face has vertical temples. A great example of a male with vertical temples is Gareth Bale who did indeed rock an epic Undercut among other short taper haircuts. Gareth Bale is now growing his hair long for a man bun, but that's another story.

The best thing to do is to post some pictures of your current hair and face. If possible, post pictures of the sides of your head to as well as what's known as the "three-quarters shot", which is basically taking a picture of your face at an angle between a full frontal shot and a side-view shot. I've upgraded your account so that you can post pictures (upload them to a free image site like IMGur and then embed the pictures here or simply post the links here).

Without looking at your pictures but gauging from your description, I think that a classic slicked back Undercut would suit you the best if you want to get an Undercut. But it's best to wait for your pictures to reach any conclusions.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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06-30-2015, 07:44 PM
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RE: Advice for new hairstyle with large forehead
Alright here are the pictures starting from the top is how my hair naturally falls, then a man bun, my normal hairstyle and then the rest of the pics. I have an issue with my left ear where it sticks out a lot further than the other, but I am getting it pinned back in a few weeks. Also I've been thinking about growing out my hair for a full man bun or just letting it flow but I don't know. I just feel like changing it up, but feel that nothing will look good on me.

[Image: Ss4Bkc6.jpg]

[Image: ka8qtip.jpg]

[Image: rCtrEBh.jpg]

[Image: Hy3PIIj.jpg]

[Image: 6evok1h.jpgp]

[Image: tWoyZTl.jpg]
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07-06-2015, 10:19 AM
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RE: Advice for new hairstyle with large forehead
I replied to another thread too about another forum member asking for a short haircut for his large forehead. But I didn't see his forehead as being too large and it's the same with you too. In my opinion we can always obsess with parts of our body that stand out a little and really think that they are bigger than they are. So I want to tell you that your forehead is ok and fine. I think that your hairline is high which is what makes your forehead look a bit larger. That's all and seriously you should not worry about it.

I think our admin who was the one who first replied to you must still be on holiday for the 4th of July as I sent him a private message and he didn't answer when he usually answers fast! Big Grin

I'm also in the barber industry so I will give you my opinion as I have seen a lot of guys like you with the same issue.

OK here's the first bit of advice: I don't think that an undercut will do you any good because it will put more emphasis on your forehead. If you read around the undercut hairstyle guide in the forum you will see that many of us describe the undercut as a hairstyle that will make the hair on the top of your head stand out even more. And the same goes for the forehead as the forehead is the upper part of your face.

I'm just telling you that about the undercut from an aesthetics point of view. But I really believe that you should get any haircut that you want including the undercut even if it isn't the best haircut. Seriously man it's about how happy you feel with your hair and your hairstyle. Don't get lost on stupid stuff like face shape or trends, be happy with your hair and move on.

You have really nice hair so that's a good thing. Your is coarse and healthy which is the perfect combination to grow your hair long. You already have long hair so why not continue growing your hair longer?

A great hairstyle for you would be a layered hairstyle with shoulder length hair. This hairstyle will fill up the sides and back of you head which will then decrease the emphasis on your forehead. It's basically the opposite of what the undercut does.

So the goal right now is to grow the hair on the top of your head so that it touches or is very close to touching your neck. Once you get to that hair length you go to a hair salon and asked for a layered shoulder length haircut. You will look like a rock star with that hairstyle and it will make your forehead look smaller without doing tricks that are too obvious like the combover hairstyle trick that you tried to do on one of your pictures.

For the hair on the top of your head to be touching your neck you will need another year of hair growth. Make sure that you can commit to a year of hair growth. This means avoiding scenarios where your parents, girlfriend or friends convince you to cut your hair. I'm not saying to disobey your parents. Just ask them if they're cool with you growing your hair longer. We've had many young guys like you and of your age coming to our salon as they grow their hair longer and then one day they come to the salon and ask for a buzz cut because their parents don't want them to have long hair. So ask first and be sure that you can spend one year of growing your hair long.

For a good idea of what shoulder length hair looks like go through these hairstyle pictures of Jim Morrison:

Also se the following threads too to have an idea of what your hair will look like when it is done growing long. Since you have wavy hair, see this thread on long wavy hairstyles with shoulder long hair:

Take a look at this other thread on straight hair styles for shoulder length hair for more hairstyle ideas and inspiration:

I think with these three threads you have enough inspiration and ideas to create for yourself. But the goal right now is to grow your hair for a year so that it reaches your neck. After that you can get the layered haircut and you can then maintain that hairstyle easily for many and many years.
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