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Advice for buzz cut hair? 0 0
Advice for buzz cut hair?
03-07-2014, 04:32 PM
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Advice for buzz cut hair?
Hello I am Jaime and post in the forum but still a newbie! I would like to ask questions about buzz cut hair. I like this hairstyle and I want to use the hair clipper to also cut the hair of my friends with the hair clipper. They cut my hair I cut theirs. Good life Big Grin
Ok so my questions about buzz cut hair...
  1. What is buzz cut hair? I know it is using a hair clipper but can somebody give some more details please?
  2. What hair clipper numbers for buzz cut hair? I know in spanish we say one, two, three etc but is like that also in english?
  3. What is the best hair clipper? I have experience with them but I would like to buy the best.
Please experts provide an answer to my questions. I know my questions are basic and I know more or less the answer but I would like to confirm. Also the haircut is basic and thats what I want!
Thank you people and sorry for my english! Smile
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03-07-2014, 05:53 PM
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RE: Advice for buzz cut hair?
I was going to post a long reply but I just noticed you posted in the Short Haircuts for Men guide in the forum and you mentioned that now after reading that guide everything makes sense.
I will still reply so that others who may not know about buzz cuts can also learn.

  1. Buzz cut hair is basically hair that is buzzed aka clipped with a hair clipper. A buzz cut is actually like a group term for different short clipper haircuts. Some types of buzz cuts use the same length number with the clipper for all the hair on the head while other types use more than one clipper length number. These below are the types of buzz cuts.
    • Induction cut
    • Burr cut
    • Butch cut aka brush cut
    • Crew cut
    • Flat top aka flattop
    • Ivy League haircut
    • High and tight haircut
    • High and tight Recon

    We have in the forum another haircut guide on the buzz cut - check it out in the link. This guide explains all the haircuts and buzzcut types so it is great reading material especially now that you have also read the short mens haircuts guide!
  2. The numbers to use in the hair clipper can vary a little depending on the manufacturer of the clipper. However for reference and knowledge, the clipper length numbers for a buzz cut are between a number 0 and a number 4. Some hair clippers have higher numbers - remember that the lower the number, the shorter the hair is clipped - and you can technically use higher numbers than a 4 for your buzz cuts. The basic point of this family of haircuts is that the hair is only 'cut' with a hair clipper. Scissors are never used for a real 'buzz cut' type of haircut!
  3. The best hair clipper? in the forum we already have a great discussion on the best hair clipper. Read the thread as there are some very good clipper suggestions but if looking for the best clipper, then choose either this Andis cordless clipper or this Oster classic clipper as these two clippers are the true winners. They are both powerful hair clippers so they are perfect for buzz cuts and for heavy work as they do not break with heavy use and don't overheat. Just one thing, if you get the Oster classic clipper in the link, then make sure that you buy this extra set of guiding combs so that you can choose your haircut or buzz cut from a lot of length numbers - each black 'rake' you see in the pack is a guiding comb and it goes up to a number 10! Each guiding comb is a length number which is exactly what you mean when you say that 1, 2, 3 etc are used in spanish. The guiding combs in the pack are very easy to use and to insert in the hair clipper, so just read the instructions if something should not clear or you can ask here in the forum too!
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03-07-2014, 06:48 PM
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RE: Advice for buzz cut hair?
Jurgen explained it extremely well, my take on a buzz cut is that its basically the closest thing to having a skin head, it's a basic cut that requires clippers, you can have the same number all over your head or have a higher number (eg 3) on top and a lower number (eg 1) on the sides and back, a buzz cut usually goes from 1-4, you will need a 0 which is just the clipper itself to tidy the back and sides up

I say just buy a good set of clippers from either a hairdressers or a high street store, they are probably in the range of £40+ (Im guessing €50 as your from Spain)

Also a tip if you looking for a certain type of hairstyle is to either google image the haircut or find celebrities who don that hairstyle, I don't know if your a Football (Soccer) fan but in 2006 Italy national Football team a lot of the players don the buzz haircut such as Del Piero, Cannavaro, Gattuso for the World Cup in protest of the match fixing scandal in Italian Football the season before, that's a great place to start to look for inspiration

Hope this helps, good luck
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01-21-2015, 01:11 PM
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RE: Advice for buzz cut hair?
Hi everyone,

I just have a quick question. A friend of mine said that a buzzcut would look good on me. Here is the thing, I'm not really sure if this would be such a good idea. Does anyone have an opinion on it. Go to the website and look for the user ferrarno. I have got a picture from this week there so you can decide if it would suit me.

Thanks a lot!
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06-26-2015, 12:11 AM
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RE: Advice for buzz cut hair?
A buzz cut is typically a #1(1/4")-#4(1/2") same length all over. Untrained folks doing their own/friends hair typically stick to the same guard on the clippers as getting into tapers is a trained pros duty.
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