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About how to treat head lice - Head hair treatments 0 0
About how to treat head lice - Head hair treatments
09-15-2014, 10:36 AM
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About how to treat head lice - Head hair treatments
Head lice has been seen as the most embarrasing form of hygiene problems. But it isn't as bad as we make it seem. There are two types of head lice, pubic lice and head lice. The most common of the two is Head lice. Children are more prone to getting head lice due to sharing grooming utensils and or just being near someone who has it. Treating head lice is simple, pain free and easy.

Head lice are parasitic wingless insects that normally live in people's heads. They feed off of your blood to survive which is why you can't just wash your hair to kill them. They are about as small as peppercorn seed. For some, people most of the time mistake head lice for dandruff. But over time and numerous amounts of washing, you will realize that it isn't dandruff but head lice. The most common symptoms of head lice are;Tickling in your hair, frequent itching and or sores from scratching.

There are numerous amounts of different ways to treat head lice. All usually include some type of shampoo.If you are treating children then you most likely will be given a shampoo called Rid or Nix. You will be advised to remove the nits with a live comb. Most of the time you will have to try more than one treatment to fully get rid of the head lice. Due to the fact that head lice hatch new eggs every 7- 10 days and develop into adult nits every 7-10 days which allows them to lay new eggs.

They reproduce very quickly. Alot of people actually choose to use a head lice shampoo at least once a month. If this is something that you find interest in, then you can try out Electro-pure. You can also try a prescription shampoo called Ovide. This shampoo is a little more complicated because you are to put it on dry hair and leave it in overnight.It is suggested that you don't use this shampoo on children because it is highly flammable.

If you aren't wanting to try out the shampoo treatment then you can attempt to try the natural treatments that include vaseline, olive oil, mayonaise and or tea tree oil. If you choose to use this alternative treatment then you may want to buy a thick shampoo such as Pantene Pro-V.

Research all the information that you can before picking and choosing which method of treatment you want to use. Each treatment is unique and works differently on everyone. Remember that head lice doesn't come from bad hygiene or not being clean. Just like anything else, bugs like to manifest and you are the lucky selection then they will attempt to make a home in your hair.

This is just a personal opinion on treating head lice. The above doesn't substitute the advice of a doctor and you should always and foremost visit a doctor to treat head lice or if you suspect head lice.
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