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7 Facial Hair and Beard Facts - Interesting Video 0 0
7 Facial Hair and Beard Facts - Interesting Video
11-17-2014, 09:56 AM
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7 Facial Hair and Beard Facts - Interesting Video
Here is a beard facts video. It's interesting in that it talks about some of the beard facts surrounding facial hair and its status over the centuries.

One thing though, with regards to the last fact, while it is true that having long facial hair made it easier for enemies to hold you by the beard and attack you, there is an important proven evolutionary role with beards.

Facial hair when grown long as a beard adds bulk to your face and makes your jaw appear wide and stronger, which can intimidate enemies since a wider jaw with plenty of facial hair is a marker for healthy testosterone levels (if all is equal). In fact,and following from the video's fact of beards making it easier to get killed during combat, those males with beards that remained alive would be males who are good at combat, thus adding enhanced attractiveness to the male since we still keep the same primitive attractiveness cues of our ancestors.

There's actually quite a bit of scientific research on facial hair and scalp hair and how it all relates to attractiveness (both in men and women) together with other markers of optimal health such as body symmetry and averageness.

Here is the video with the beard facts. Feel free to comment on it or add any other facts of yours Smile

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11-17-2014, 11:48 AM
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RE: 7 Facial Hair and Beard Facts - Interesting Video
Cool video, I enjoyed it.

I prefer to wear a full beard or some variant thereof. My hair, both head and facial, are graying now. I've found that my cheek areas have more salt than pepper and as such seem to look thin when the hair is short. I'm currently wearing sideburns to just above the lobes of my ears and a full circle beard. I have more dark hair left in both those areas and think it looks much better on me than a clean shaven face does.

One fact that I can add is the amount of insulation a thick beard adds. That was the main reason I started wearing them when I lived in the north. It helped keep me warm in the winter, and having a job that kept me outside all day, it was a necessity. I eventually got to the point that I wear them year round no matter the outside temperature.
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