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5 Epic Mustache Styles for the Classic Gentleman
05-31-2015, 02:07 PM
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Lightbulb 5 Epic Mustache Styles for the Classic Gentleman
Aside from Movember, there's always a good excuse to wear a hip mustache, so I'll introduce you now to 5 timeless and dapper mustache styles. Pictures are included.

Each look is unique and will surely get you noticed when you walk down any road, or even whilst you driving, although I cannot promise that the looks are of admiration. For anyone seeking that extra sleek look, I suggest that you visit a classic barbershop with plenty of experience with the classic male hairstyles or ask any of the barbers in the forum about some good barbershops in your area. If you really want to go for that timeless classic gentleman look, you're going to have to put yourself to it starting from your facial!

The Chevron:

A simple but effective style; the Chevron exudes manly ruggedness. This look is easy to achieve, simply neaten loose hairs around the side and comb downwards with a specialist mustache comb. Women of a certain age will turn to jelly when they see you and immediately think of Magnum P.I. There is a good chance that your dad tried to grow one in the 80s so possibly ask him for grooming and growing advice. The chevron is a great community mustache, matching mustaches makes for an impressive spectacle.

[Image: 44a508c1eef739112f63503d8de4d0f9.jpg]

The Poirot:

The quintessential mustache, the Poirot mustache style will be the envy of your fellow mustache-wearing gentlemen. Much of the Movember publicity is based around the shape of this timeless mustache. A lot more work needs to go into this mustache than the chevron. Waxing gel needs to be applied at least twice daily to maintain the shape.

Go to a specialist barbershop for a good trim and shaping of your Poirot mustache. Attempting to do it yourself in the mirror could lead to catastrophic mustache loss. The Poirot can be small like the eponymous spy or can be worn in a far larger fashion creating the effect of a colonial general.

[Image: dc4463f6f48d0b961147a83f85674823.jpg]

The Dali:

Only the bravest mustache growers attempt the Dali. Trimming the mustache into two long stands, the hairdresser must then pull the strands upwards towards the eyes. This look, whilst impressive is not for the faint hearted mustache grower. Best served upon the lip of the extroverted individual; the Dali is as much a statement as it is a mustache.

[Image: 451px-Salvador_Dali_NYWTS.jpg]

The Handlebar:

Once intrinsically linked with the Village People and muscle bound men working in barbershops in San Francisco; the handlebar is one again reclaiming its throne as the most masculine of mustaches. Simple to maintain; as soon as the Rufus Hound shape is achieved, all that is needed is the odd trim.

Blonde mustache growers often worry that not many mustache styles will suit their face and hair. Growing a thick, blonde handlebar mustache can create an effect reminiscent of the great Hulk Hogan. An admirable intention for any man to have.

[Image: 63a9047bf4d27b0f0541177c2a50f731.jpg]

The Pencil:

Another classic 1980s mustache; channel the spirit of Prince with this thin offering. The thinner you shave the pencil mustache, the deeper and more devastating the effect. The Pencil best suits those with natural dark hair so it is more noticeable. Those with lighter hair run the risk of growing what appears to be the most loathed of mustaches: the teenage mustache!

[Image: 7413f52df9af220198f2b655f7b55e95.jpg]

If you're interested in more modern facial hair styles, then see this discussion on trendy beards and facial hair styles for dapper styles with a modern vibe!
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07-13-2015, 03:06 PM
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RE: 5 Epic Mustache Styles for the Classic Gentleman
Once I'm able to grow a 'stache (Only 17, lol) I'm totally going to go for the chevron. Maybe not the most contemporary but it's one of my favourite styles.
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02-14-2016, 12:48 PM
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RE: 5 Epic Mustache Styles for the Classic Gentleman
I tried doing the poiroit....didn't work. Chevron on the other hand did, though I had to use two different waxes till it stayed. My chevron is holding tight thanks to made a mistake before and the. I went there to find the best wax I think you guys should too Smile my first very informative post on the forum!
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