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5 Easy Tips for Better Skin as a Male - Barber Advice 0 0
5 Easy Tips for Better Skin as a Male - Barber Advice
10-09-2016, 10:15 AM
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5 Easy Tips for Better Skin as a Male - Barber Advice
Just like with men's hair, men should also be taking care of their skin. While a mere decade ago all the advice going around for skin was targeted at women, it is a reality that more and more men are taking their skin care more seriously. So let's now go through five tips for better smoother skin as a guy. This tips also work independent of your age so it's never too late to apply them!

Moisturize your skin every day:
Hair may be dead tissue (made up for deposited keratin cells) but skin is certainly alive! Ensure that every day you use a cream that allows the skin to retain moisture and helps lubricate it so that your skin remains supple and wrinkle free.

Drink more water:
To get the most moisturizing of your skin, not only do you have to use a skin moisturizer but you should also be drinking plenty of water per day. Aim for at least four pints of water every day, mostly in the form of pure water and not sugary drinks like Coke or processed fruit juices (although raw natural juices are OK).

Exercise more often:
Exercise improves circulation all throughout your body, including your skin. More circulation means better nutrient delivery to the cells making up the skin which ultimately means a slower aging of the cells (i.e. less wrinkles). Exercise also helps lowering insulin levels, for which chronic high levels are associated with metabolic disorders and faster aging.

Expose yourself to fifteen minutes of sunlight every day:
It is true that too much sun is very bad for the skin and that burning your skin with sunlight can increase your lifetime likelihood of cancer, but a mere fifteen minutes of sun exposure is actually healthy for the skin as it optimizes blood flow and cell metabolism. If you want more sun exposure, make sure to wear a sunblock cream.

Avoid getting scars:
Once the skin is damaged, it never goes back to its previous look and structure. A scar is in fact a buildup of dead skin cells that has occurred so to as to block the bleeding in a wound. Once the wound has clotted, the dead cells are slowly absorbed back by the body but there will still be an excess of dead cells effectively forming the scar tissue. Even small cuts while shaving can cause small nasty scars to develop as the face is the body part that gets the most sun exposure of all body parts - and too much sun exposure will cause healing cuts in the skin to darken.

To learn more about shaving and using razors, browse this forum section on men's shaving:

Apply these 5 tips as part of your daily habits and you will stat to notice improvements in your skin in no time!
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