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2019 Beard Styles for Men: Guide with Photos and Ideas 5 2
2019 Beard Styles for Men: Guide with Photos and Ideas
11-03-2018, 02:00 PM
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Information 2019 Beard Styles for Men: Guide with Photos and Ideas
It's November 2018 so let's go ahead and give you some cool beard styles for 2019 that you can start rocking now. Facial hair in general has been specially trendy for the last four years but some styles come and go as far as preferences go. Here's your list of updated beard and facial hair styles to consider for a trendy look in 2019!

Medium Length Full Beard Style
Minimum length for a medium length beard is one inch up to three inches. Facial hair is trimmed evenly, no tapering except for sideburns (optional). Mustache length stays on par with the beard's length. Symmetric beard style and a good option to test the waters before jumping into a longer beard style.

Lots of cool men's hairstyles go very well with medium length beards, so see this beard hairstyling guide for different hairstyles and haircuts to suit this length and style of facial hair.

See all these pictures and ideas of medium length beard styles for epic 2019 men's facial hair. You want to be using a beard comb and some beard oil to keep this beard style in check.
[Image: 745a4d8d0971ebb15820cc32e0f67041.jpg]
[Image: cc41b97166ac1754b91fd2d344d0c049.jpg]
[Image: 2d50d475c865a73c8b148729bf8b0de0.jpg]
[Image: 98c4bf188bb412661dd77eee62d63896.jpg]
[Image: 5dc628ada0f0713c2e94135cd609a3dc.jpg]
[Image: f29efb7bd1a13c4e7981a6e586810076.jpg]
[Image: 006d7902b805758a2faf378dc3da9a6e.jpg]

Short Full Beard Style
The length of the beard is one inch or less. Gives a less boxier look to the face. Typically the sideburns are tapered. Mustache is left at the same length as the rest of the beard. Facial hair on the neck can be shaved for a boxed beard style which improves jawline aesthetics. A beard trimmer is an absolute must-have product for a short beard style.

For the record, a short full beard should not be confused with stubble.

Check out all these pictures and ideas of short full beard styles:
[Image: cd91034ec55897b7f4e2a4638b9cc1c8.jpg]
[Image: 65c9efca2ff4324601c71a7cf7571b29.jpg]
[Image: f52bd0b0a4b0acbd9ba6f4ed3f9ce7f0.jpg]
[Image: aec9674192e60874853ec6171cd77461.jpg]
[Image: 937de5893a4dd598ceaa519df47e97ed.jpg]
[Image: 10b00e6b6c552ae3f570111cd856b28b.jpg]
[Image: df3a004499167750187a7213066e1f0c.jpg]
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11-03-2018, 02:33 PM
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RE: 2019 Beard Styles for Men: Guide with Photos and Ideas
Long Full Beard Style
Over four inches in length is a long beard style. The facial hair becomes bushy and that's the overall aesthetics of this look. Many men who decide to grow a long beard will opt for very long lengths such as ten inches of beard length and more. The hipster look combined the man bun hairstyle with a long beard style and it's still on-going for 2019.

With a long beard style, the mustache is usually kept shorter than the rest of the beard, simply so as to allow for eating food without making an absolute mess. Some brave men however do keep the mustache just as long as the rest of the facial hair.

Check out these pictures and ideas for long beard styles:
[Image: 9e3d1d6be9ce592cb8ff16b15c2ab834.jpg]
[Image: b2bc0fc8e4e31cdd45d6caf0138aa22c.jpg]
[Image: 449b6f7bbefef83ad826b83480e7dfa5.jpg]
[Image: b25e8b872e363fd83bc331e515897b8d.jpg]
[Image: 886d158b173f19f64cacb7899c54937c.jpg]
[Image: 93ec84335a0099034a8b034744966f1e.jpg]
[Image: 818d81a54db5f6f0ffca2613dcf780f7.jpg]
[Image: 999488061f45012082c5476bda210beb.jpg]
[Image: 871714e9619fc66bb8b6df49a8eadb8f.jpg]
[Image: 992d94a52c0d0ef60f2c893f13b0987c.jpg]
[Image: fecc71f70135852d3b0465ae889e1629.jpg]
[Image: 83d01183a99a5a42d268e179df015768.jpg]

Faded Beard Style
The faded beard style is a hip facial hair style for 2019, but it requires some decent experience fading hair. Whether that's your barber or you yourself fading your beard, you need experience. It ain't difficult, so if you have a beard trimmer or hair clipper (see this thread for good hair clippers) you're good to go.

A faded beard style is a continuation of faded scalp hair via the sideburns. The fade then reverts so that the hair on the sides of the face gets longer the closer you get to the chin. A faded beard looks great with a good fade haircut. Length of the beard (which isn't faded) is as desired.

See these pictures of faded beard ideas and styles:
[Image: d010c03e71830ffce014b0957cd750c0.jpg]
[Image: e815cfaa17d80d2b86061a625b727b1e.jpg]
[Image: 679dc9ab94b7065882e4b89187fcc3da.jpg]
[Image: 799ea114c952c12ebe2a933d2d71f9ee.jpg]
[Image: d2865c3ec3a967aeee047807fbc81bd8.jpg]
[Image: 08fb2557f5124099dc39c6d16f3c38a4.jpg]
[Image: ed911d70c313669d1891f83a563cfe95.jpg]
[Image: 3f80b24dd5bf339107ce6185a130bdf5.jpg]
[Image: 8e15018b05c97b584416ea7f1715f2f8.jpg]
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