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2 Step Undercut Hairstyle: Epic Haircut Pictures to Learn How to Cut It 5 1
2 Step Undercut Hairstyle: Epic Haircut Pictures to Learn How to Cut It
04-18-2014, 05:59 PM
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Thumbs Up 2 Step Undercut Hairstyle: Epic Haircut Pictures to Learn How to Cut It
The 2 Step undercut is an epic variation of the regular undercut hairstyle. To show you how to cut it, I am posting here 4 pictures of the 2-step undercut. The pictures are taken from all angles to show you the emphasis on the 2 steps or layers produced with the haircut.
If you have been reading Men's Hair Forum for some time, you will know that we have created a specific 2 Step undercut hairstyle guide & that we have discussed this haircut quite a lot in the forum over the last months. You will also remember that we gave this type of undercut the name "2 Step undercut" as that is its direct translation from the haircut's name in Spanish which is 'doble escalon' - btw kudos to Rogelio of The Men's Hair Book for telling us the name in Spanish & for brainstorming with us the final English name of this haircut.

Should you get a 2 Step undercut or just a regular one?
Well, the 2 Steps - another name we use for the haircut - is a new & uncommon haircut whereas the regular undercut is a very common haircut. If you are the kind of guy who prefers to be of the first to wear a new style for your hair, then it would be a good idea to jump on the 2-Step undercut.

This haircut is also a very good option for men with curly hair. Why? because the regular undercut hairstyle looks really bad on curly hair men. With a regular undercut, you need to do a very fast smoothing taper along the edge of the undercut & most hairdressers screw up this part so you end up with a huge mushroom on your head if you have curly hair. The cool thing about the 2 Steps cut is that it buffers the big natural volume of curly hair with the extra haircut step, which is why the 2 Steps haircut is the better option for curly men. A good example of how the 2 Step undercut looks with curly hair can be found in the style guide of Joey Essex that we did some time ago where you can see pictures of his 2 Step undercut.

Angled pictures of 2 Step undercut
Ok so after the paragraphs above, it is now time to show you the big prize. The pics below are from different angles so they are very useful to you when cutting your own hair - to do your 2 Steps - or when going to the barbershop to get the haircut. We always recommend in the Men's Hair Forum to print the exact pictures of the haircut or hairstyle that you want whenever you're going to the barbershop or hair salon to get a haircut. So the 4 pics below will be very useful if you want to get a 2 Step undercut.

[Image: 7kqUfK4.jpg]

[Image: UglMJSn.jpg]

[Image: pez3K6B.jpg]

[Image: VdooZDR.jpg]

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04-21-2014, 11:53 AM
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RE: 2 Step Undercut Hairstyle: Epic Haircut Pictures to Learn How to Cut It
Damn!!! now that is a good haircut and 2 steps undercut mate. You folks are right in that it is a seriously old haircut that really died down over the decades but with the popularity of the undercut hairstyle as in the regular one, well experimentation by some old as funk barbers have led to the 2 step undercut to show its aesthetic head after many decades Big Grin

The pictures I have seen in this forum are among the best I have seen including this set mate so cheers for posting it for those of us who are developing in the trade or just for anyone who wants to get this haircut itself. But I have seen some bad steps undercut and I personally think it does come to how good the 'barber eye' of your barber is.

For example a barber should be telling his client straight in the face that such a haircut like this will look dog ugly. Yet some barbers are happy to take the money of the client and turn their head as the client leaves the barbershop thinking he got a great haircut right until he gets home, showers then realises it was all the pomade or gel that the barber used that was making the haircut look good and that now he is alone to make something out of the awkward mess. This isn't just about the 2 steps haircut or normal undercut... this goes for just about every haircut and it is a practice I loathe.
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