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19 y/o losing hair quickly, genes or stress? 0 0
19 y/o losing hair quickly, genes or stress?
11-15-2016, 11:50 PM
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19 y/o losing hair quickly, genes or stress?
Basically as the title says, i'm a 19 y/o that has started rapidly losing hair in the past year or so. No one in my family suffers from hair problems, not any of my cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents or even my grandparents parents had bad hair, yet here i am at 19 pulling out several strands of hair every time i touch my head.

h tt p://i.imgur .com/5qU Dc9J. jpg (remove spaces. Sorry, stupid forum wouldn't let me post it)

That's what my head looks like as of 15 minutes ago, is this salvageable? Or is it just going to get worse and worse? I'm 6'3, so no one can notice it yet (fringe and back is still pretty thick, but they're also getting thinner), but if i keep losing hair at the rate i currently am, it won't be long till i look like i have hair problems even when standing.

Could severe stress mixed with poor nutrition and lack of exercise cause this? These issues seemed to pop up when i started university and stopped working out, but i'll soon be done with university and plan on getting back into regular exercise routines. I just don't know if that will help, or if i simply got really unlucky with my hair genes (that seemingly no one in my entire family tree seems to struggle with, male or female) and should just accept that i should shave it all off.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
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