Forum Announcement: [RULES] Please read before posting
05-11-2013, 07:59 PM
[RULES] Please read before posting
You are welcome to discuss, ask, reply and interact with everyone here. At The Men's Hair Forum, we want to provide an interactive and great place for men to talk about anything to do with their hair as well as grooming, personal style and looking good.

We dislike putting rules, but some rules need to be put in place so as to ensure that we provide our goal of an interactive and great place for all of us.

The only rules are:
  • Be polite. Absolutely no insulting.
  • No advertising. You can mention products and/or brands, but do not attempt any form of deceitful advertising. If you are a product manufacturer, representative, distributor or retailer, contact the Admin team of this site if you want to advertise.
  • No trolling with the intent of actually harming others. This includes discussing topics that fall under the spectrum of pornography, racism and xenophobia, homophobia or anything concerning illegal activities. Please exercise consideration when choosing your username as we reserve the right to edit usernames and/or ban users for breaking this rule.
  • No spamming: this includes joining the forum to drop links and/or sending private messages/emails with unsolicited commercial content or posting links to external sites that have a commercial intent or a search-engine manipulating intent. If you have less than 50 posts, you cannot post external links (to other sites); the only links allowed if you have less than 50 posts are embedded image links (e.g. from free image hosting sites, in the case that you want to post pictures of you/your hair so as to ask for feedback).

    Please be aware that a Youtube video or any other video is also a link. If you want to post a link or a video always ask a moderator first and wait for his/her decision. If you want to post personal pictures for feedback or hairstyle/facial hair examples and you have less than 50 posts, then ask a moderator or administrator so as to get the pictures posted.
Breaking any of the above rules may lead to a temporary or permanent ban. We will also contact the pertaining law enforcement authorities if need be. We will not tolerate the breaking of any of our community rules, and we reserve the right to change any of the rules at any moment in time so as to benefit our community.

If you follow the few rules put in place, you are guaranteed a great time!

See you here and enjoy the forum!

P.S: for any forum-using questions you may have, please read first the FAQ section in the link before asking your question/s as many times the FAQ will have an answer for it.
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