Forum Announcement: [IMPORTANT] How to insert images in your posts
05-12-2013, 02:01 PM
[IMPORTANT] How to insert images in your posts
Inserting an image in your post is very easy. All you need is the full URL (i.e. web address) of the image yo want to post. Please note that you cannot attach/upload an image, the only way to add an image to a post of yours is by inserting the image's URL into the post.

What's a full URL?

This will be the line of text that appears in your browser bar anytime you see an image online. For example, if you want to post an image you found through Google, you'd click on the image and then click on "view original image". Likewise, when you're browsing a webpage and want to use an image or photo from the webpage you are reading, simply right click on the image and choose "copy image location"; depending on your browser, you may get another similar option such as "copy image URL" or "copy image destination".

This is an example of a full URL

You will know that you've chosen the right full URL because the URL will end in a typical image format such as ".jpg" ".jpeg" ".gif" ".png" or any other image format extension.

Once you have the full URL of the image you want to insert in your post, you have 2 quick methods of inserting the image.

Method 1

Click on the icon above these lines that is has the "insert image" text appear when you hover the mouse over it. The icon has two blue-like mountains and a sun as the graphics. Click on the icon and then a message will appear asking you to enter the full URL (i.e. web address of the image you want to post. Press OK when you insert the full address of your image and that's it!

The icon to click is this one (pointed by the arrow)

[Image: post%20images.jpg]

Method 2

Use the [img] tags. Simply put the tag [img] before the full URL and also put [/img] right at the very end of the full URL. If you choose to insert the image via the icon (i.e. Point 1), you will notice that the image full URL will appear between the [img] tags automatically.

Once you have your post ready, simply click the "Post Thread" button and the forum will automatically turn the full URL into the image. The example URL is for this photo of Cristiano Ronaldo"

[Image: 1363631625_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_g_0.jpg]
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