Curly Hair Men: Daily Grooming Guide

A men’s hair guide on the daily grooming of curly hair We all know how styling curly hair can be a real challenge, but armed with the right products and techniques, anyone can have a head full of frizz-free locks. Nowadays there are many curly hair products that will give you the best results because […]

Long Hair Men Guide: Full Men’s Hair Tutorial

In-depth Long Hair Tutorial for Men The following long hair guide is a blend between a long hair tutorial and practical advice on growing your mane, looking after it (i.e. hair care) and even styling it! The information and advice in this long hair guide for men is taken from direct experience, other fellow long […]

Best Hair Gel for Guys Guide

Recommended top hair gels for men Hair gel is a mens hair product used for styling, shaping, moulding or combing hair. Gel is the most versatile hair product for men. Here in our site and forum, we actually recommend that you always have at home at least one type of hair styling gel. Our goal […]

Types of Shampoo for Men Guide

A full tutorial on the types of shampoos available for men You will have come across the many types of shampoo over the years and chances are that you still remain clueless as to what each type does or is for (and we don’t blame you, the list is actually quite long!). Essentially, there are […]

Top Aftershave Reviews and Recommendations

Our list of some of the 5 best aftershaves for men Aftershaves have to work well in not only cooling the face down and moisturizing it but also have to work well in giving your shaved face a clean revitalized look, not to mention that they should smell neutral or good but not over-powering. Aftershave […]