Curly Hair Men: Daily Grooming Guide

A men’s hair guide on the daily grooming of curly hair

We all know how styling curly hair can be a real challenge, but armed with the right products and techniques, anyone can have a head full of frizz-free locks. Nowadays there are many curly hair products that will give you the best results because they are tailored to the special needs of curly hair. However, a good product’s potential can never be realized without a proper routine and thus you must good a good curly hair grooming routine for men that takes into account your curly mane as a whole while allowing you to customize your curvy hairdo as you so wish.

To keep your hair at its best, your daily hair grooming routine should consist of four steps: cleanse, condition, style, and finish. This is how the awesome mane method from Rogelio Samson is configured although he gives you the template and knowledge and you are free to adjust it and tailor it as you want (which I think is super useful as each curly mane is different!). There is already a big thread about the book in the link and lots of feedback on the book. If you want to know all the tricks to curly hair then that’s the book to read.

Cleanse and shampoo your curls

So first, cleanse your hair using a mild shampoo. If you have loose curls, don’t shampoo more than four to five times a week. For medium and corkscrew curls, no more than three times a week. Those with kinky or tight curls should avoid shampooing more than twice a week since this hair type is fragile. This is an approximate guide and your best shampooing at different weekly rates to find the perfect rate.

A male with a long curly kinky maneIf you don’t use many styling products, choose a shampoo that has a low amount of sodium laureth sulfate and instead has ammonium lauryl sulfate. However if you use a lot of styling products then get any regular moisturizing shampoo. There is this thread on shampoos that is a great read to learn about all the shampoos for men.

To begin shampooing your curls, put a dime-sized amount of shampoo in your hand. Rub your hands until the shampoo lathers. Then, run your hands through your hair. Do not pile your hair on top of your head and never pour shampoo directly on your hair. Massage your scalp gently with your fingers (not your nails) for a minute and then rinse. There is no need to repeat the shampoo process.

Using a hair conditioner for your curls

Conditioning is the most important part of your hair care routine in addition to bi-weekly or monthly deep conditioning treatments. So you basically have the regular daily conditioner to use after your shampoo and then the deep conditioner to use once every two weeks or as frequent as you want.

Use a daily conditioner that best fits your needs. For example, dryness is a common complaint among curly heads because the oil from the scalp has a hard time traveling down the spiral of each strand. In this case, a conditioner for dry hair would be a good choice.

Start with a quarter-sized amount of conditioner and begin applying it to your hair beginning at the ends and using more conditioner as needed. Move your fingers through your hair as if they were playing a piano. This motion ensures a thorough application of conditioner.

After distributing the conditioner across your curls, use a wide-toothed comb remove tangled, matted, and excess hair. Slowly run the comb through your hair beginning from the bottom and working your way up. If you find a lot of hair in your comb, do not be alarmed. The average person loses over 100 strands of hair a day. However, with curly hair the strands stay “locked” in the curl shape and do not fall out like straight hair. Combine this with not brushing or washing hair everyday, and those hairs add up. By the time you comb out your hair in the shower you will have an accumulation of about 300 strands in your brush.

David Bisbal with blonde curls and beardI have read of lots of guys talking of how they find for the first time how much hair they can really shed per day. This is normal and you will get used to it, only that the longer your curls, the more you will see the detached strands.

Style your curls

After your hair is free of tangles, dry your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt. The tight knit of the t-shirt or microfiber do not contribute to frizz like the loops in regular terry cloth towels. Start at the ends and gently squeeze your hair with the cloth working upwards. Do not rub your hair with the cloth. You are now ready to style your hair.

Finding the right styling product for your individual hair type and climate is a must. If you live in a humid area, finding a high humidity gel will be your best asset in fighting moisture in the air. A moisturizing gel can also be a good choice, especially for those with corkscrew and kinky curls.

To apply gel, begin with a dime-sized amount and distribute it through your hands by rubbing them together. Smooth your hands over your hair to quickly get rid of any frizz that might be caused by the humidity in the bathroom. Then, apply another dime-sized amount of gel, this time focusing on a section of your hair. Depending on how much hair you have you could have anywhere from three to four sections or more.

Corbin Bleu with short curly hairAfter applying the product to a section, rake your fingers through. The space between your fingers will determine how large or small the curls will be. Rake from roots to ends and hold on to the ends with your hand and shake the strands once. This will lock in the curl size. Continue until all of the hair has been raked and coated with product.

You can see lots of good products in our recommended hair products guide. For curly hair I also recommended styling mousse, styling cream, hairspray, coconut butter and styling wax like the Tigi one in the recommended products guide.

Finishing your daily curly hair grooming and styling

To finish, use duckbill clips to lift your roots although this is completely optional and is only useful if your hair is at least of a medium length. This will prevent the roots from laying flat on your head and will speed up drying time. Open the clip no more than half an inch and guide it through your hair either from the front or from the side. The amount of clips needed varies from person to person, but after a few tries you will find the right amount necessary to lift the hair from your scalp.

At this time you can choose to let your hair naturally dry, or use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment using low heat. If you choose to use a dryer, do not completely dry your hair, leave it slightly damp to prevent frizz. For curly hair I recommend you to buy a good hair dryer like any of the hair dryers in this link as curly hair will become really frizzy with a cheap hair dryer. One of those hair dryers will last you ages and continue to give you great curly hairstyles so look at it more like an investment.

Curly hair can be a real challenge, but following a routine that respects your hair will leave it healthy and frizz-free.

Now to you – do you have any method or daily routine for your curly hair? And what do you use for mens curly hair products?

One thought on “Curly Hair Men: Daily Grooming Guide

  1. Yeah I pretty much follow the same curly routine. I learned this routine from Rogelio Samson but it was from his other book called the Men’s Hair book. It works really well for me and my brother. We exercise every day and swim regularly in the swimming pool so our curly hair takes a serious beating. Following the awesome mane method of Rogelio Samson works the trick and has gotten my brother and I some interesting compliments to our hair.

    Your mileage may vary but a curly hair routine like this one in your article which I take is based on Rogelio Samson’s methods is the best way for any guy to look after hair.


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